How to UNLOCK your Samsung Galaxy S

Only uploaded via request 🙂
My phone in this case was already unlocked, but I have done exactly this to unlock it on my mum’s LOCKED vodafone SGS.

I hope this video helps you!
-Then install Busybox if not done already – Apply it
Install the Galaxy S unlock app

-Do as I did in the video
-Phone will reboot – You are now unlocked – try checking it with another SIM, and let me know how you get along!

More technical questions, please email the developer (found on the market)

Credits to AndroidGalaxyS in making the initial video on how to unlock the SGS – I only did it upon requests 🙂


12 thoughts on “How to UNLOCK your Samsung Galaxy S

  1. nicolas

    I want to buy a Samsung 10″ wifi and 3g tablet in USA. It needs to be unblocked so I can use it around the world using local carriers. Is this possible? If so please let me know. Thanks

  2. James

    My unlocked galaxy s2 locks and I get the key pad for the emergency number.In the space above it says type PUK to unlock sim. can you tell me how I unlock it?

    thanks in advance James


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