How to ROOT your Samsung Galaxy S – SuperOneClick Method

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Direct download link to v2.2

I am no pro, so please don’t treat me like one πŸ˜›
I just learnt and tried to make a simple video for you guys!
May noobs unite? πŸ˜›

This is the best way to root your phone, fast painlessly, and won’t be outdated like the Z4 market app.

This is the base of anything you want to do on your phone. Be it adding lagfixes or playing around with your CPU voltage.
Root is a must, and DOES NOT change any settings on your phone. Just “unlocks it” so to speak.

Just how you unlock SIM cards, this unlocks the hardware and software on your phone, it doesn’t add anything extra to it. Adding extra stuff come after πŸ™‚


98 thoughts on “How to ROOT your Samsung Galaxy S – SuperOneClick Method

  1. Mary


    I’ve been searching the web for an easy video so i can root my phone and then unlock it, and i have found nothing. By far yours is the best.
    Just wanted to make sure before i start.
    i have a SGS and SGS II running on official 2.3.3 Can i use your methods to root and unlock both of them.

    Thx alot
    you’re a gr8 help

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Indeed you can πŸ™‚
      Although unlocking is something else/different to rooting.

      Unlocking is for carriers
      Rooting is to enable it to do cool stuff

      My end suggestion would be nowadays, is to just flash a custom kernel, like CF root – which is as stock as you can get, but ha CWM + root

      1. Mike

        Will this work on an SAMSUNG FASCINATE ICH-i500 (verizon) I am running android 2.3.5 on kernel stock never rooted only the samsung over the air updates.

  2. Ryan

    Sorry, but the program said “5869 could not load needed library ‘’ for ‘./zergRush’ (load_library[1058]: Library ‘’ not found)CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE” And it won’t root. I have a Samsung Galaxy S, did i do something wrong?

  3. mimi21

    helo mr. totallydubbed!~
    i hope you can help me T_T
    i’m using samsung galaxy S Gt-I9000
    2.2 android version
    baseband version I9000xxjp3
    kernel version roo@sep-53 #1

    how to root my phone? the easiest and safest way~ and what is flashing and rom??
    and do you know how to fix lags? my samsung galaxy S (Gti900) is soo laggy pls help meT_T that’s my major problem.. too laggy:(( and keeps keeps freezing..force closes apps. etc.

    thanks in advance!!>.<

  4. maddy

    funny how u say ur not a PRO .. clearly u know what ur doing, thanks for the vid helped a lot! should do more for other phone mods πŸ˜€

  5. alex

    Good evening,
    I have bought a at&t captivate which of course is locked. I paid a few sites, which have all given me a refund because they can not find my unlock code. All I would like to do is obtain the unlock code for my phone. Yet for some reason I am not able to find the link to ROOT my phone. I understood from your informative videos that one must root the phone before using any of the apps from the andriod market which allows you to obtain the code. Would you please direct me to an exact link where i can download the root file please. I tried the mega upload link and it doesn’t work at all. I am a full time Currency trader, and work a 9 to 5 so 16 hours of my day is basically in front of the computer. I turly need some assistance with this and it would be more then a pleasure to donate if you help me unlock this phone. Thanks in advance… ALEX

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      Hey Alex,

      The main problem is:
      That you have a captivate, and I have the i9000…
      My suggestion to root, would be to flash a CAPTIVATE kernel – I can’t emphasise this enough – a CAPTIVATE, not a i9000 kernel, which is on your CURRENT PDA/ROM
      If you check your phone – in settings, about, you should be able to see baseband (that’s the modem), and you should be able to see BUILD NUMBER & FIRMWARE VERSION – if you tell me them maybe I can TRY to assist you – but as i said, the biggest thing here, is that your on a captivate – so the thing I DO, might differ from what YOU DO.

  6. Josh

    My computer is running windows 7 with security essentials, and it thinks its a virus and deletes the program for rooting. Why does my computer think that?? Is it a virus??

  7. Josh

    Thats what I thought. So I tried the program and it stops working at step 7 and on the right side its says cant mount and ends. It never gets to installing superuser. Whats up with that?

  8. justin

    i tried it and it gets stuck on step 7 shell command and it says waiting for device then it doesnt respond please email me and help me

  9. Dave

    i can root my phone but when i try to allow non market apps my program doesnt responce anymore when it is checking for shell root… can you help me with this?

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      try clearing the cache of the market.
      In terms of checking shell root – install and run superuser, and some might need busybox installed too (like GPS aids)

  10. tyler

    i just got the samsung galaxy s and i want to root it, but you keep suggesting flashing a kernel and i would love your opinion on whats the better option. I want my phone to run faster and have access to all these apps that everyone talks about, but i just need help i’m not very good with this phone yet.

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      I firstly suggest playing with your phone for a week, before doing anything.
      Secondly, actually reading and watching videos on what rooting, flashing, ROMs, kernels etc do, before touching anything.
      Finally, I would suggest a kernel, like CF ROOT, to get the BASICS.

  11. gsc2205

    HI, when i put my samsung galaxy s 4g into the mode it wont connect to my computer. is there a softwhere i have to download to get my phone to connect?

  12. Rayyan

    hi i have recently brought my samsung galaxy s advance. i wanted to ask that i have got the phone with internet settings from virgin and other settings. i want to know whether after i root my fone will all these settings go and go off the virgin mobile firmware? i don’t know if i should flash my phone.

  13. CARLO

    hi its me again… when i trying to start to root my phone the program not responding is that normal??

    please help…

    im using GT-i9003
    firmware version 2.3.5
    basehand version I9003DXKP7
    kernel version root@DELL153 #1
    build number GINGERBREAD.DXKP9

    please help thanks in advance

    1. TotallydubbedHD Post author

      You have to make SURE that the CF root is MADE for the i9003.
      I thought you were talking about the i9000

      Never flash anything that’s not made for your phone. I mean the i9003

      1. CARLO

        so i cant root my phone using your program??

        what is your advice to root my phone??

        and sorry what is CF stands for?? sorry im a noob here…

  14. George

    Hello.I have a samsung galaxy s with android 2.3.3 and i try to rooted but it stuck on “starting ADB server”!What does thatο»Ώ mean?!Heeeelp plz!

      1. George

        Ok i have already download odin.Now i just need the kernel…but i have no idea what is the right one for my situation.I have 2.3.3.And the other thing is how we put the kernel on odin.Cause when i unzipe one file is an ”zImage”….?

  15. George

    Shit shit shit something whent wrong!I did the root with odin,i had the right kernel,odin say pass but when phone try to open a voice says ” not enough space on sd card” and it cant open WTF?Heeeeelp bro!

  16. George

    ok cause i am a noobie i press power button+volume up+home button and i see a menu with some choises.So mayby i should press wipe data/reset factory settings.You know to go back to the previous situation?!

  17. George

    And the bad thing is that i havent saved the rom before the root so now i think my only choise is go back to the factory status.

      1. George

        Yea i did it actually.Now my phone its running 2.3.6 with baseband version:I9000XDJV1.I ll try again to root it but i dont know which is the right kernel so a link with the exact kernel would be awsome!Anyway i want to thank you for your time you give to my problem:)

  18. Freeman

    hi, thanks for your method it look great but I have a problem with superoneclick, it block at starting ADB Server, have you an idea?

    1) Killing ADB Server => dameon not running . starting it now on port 5037, what is it?
    2) Starting ADB.. => dameon started successfully but nothing happen

  19. maddy

    i rooted my phone before but i had to get a new one, and the way i used to do it did not work, so i watched the vid followed the instructions and IT WORKED!!!! so THANK YOU so very much for the tutorial… ill be sure ro share this page πŸ˜€

  20. Basit

    superoneclick.exe .NET Framework Initialization Error
    “Unable to find the runtime to run this application”

    this dialogue box appear when try to open superoneclick.exe

    plz help

  21. Josh Ray

    I downloaded and extracted everything alright but when i try rooting my device after following all of your instructions it says unknown device and another error and never roots my galaxy s help me please!

  22. narik

    Hardware version :I500
    Model number: SCH-I500
    Kernal version:
    Build number: SCH-I500.EH03

    can you please let me…I am trying to find one to root this phone..this is gonna my first experience.if I succeed, I want to try on my samsung tablet..
    Thanks in advance for helping me out..

  23. T.mak

    Perhaps ur superoneclick was corrupted. If ur rooting wit superoneclick stops at step 7 similar wit freeman above, wat solved my issue was I just used another computer with a different superoneclick and…voila! Dnt knw y but my problem bcame history. I am talking abt samsung galaxy s.

  24. trevor

    i have a sgh-1547c base band 1547cvlamc1 kernel version 3.0.31-928639 i need to root this thing also do i unlock first do you know where to get unlock for free for this also its been black listed imei number change but i have to root it first befor i can do that help me please


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