How to flash Darky’s DarkyRom JVH 10.1

Here are the relevant links:
Links for downloading: Darky’s 10.1

ALTERNATIVE JVH base flash (Slimmed down version of 10.1) 10.1 RE

Ficeto’s JVH

Darky’s Changelog

& here

Ceriko’s awesome written guide

Ficeto JVH base (Odin + CWM)

In terms of selection in the Darky config app….the app in fact is outdated:
This is what you can/should select – No, no speedkernel will be applied.

Wipe – Optional
Kernel – Dark Voodoo – Recommended/needed
Modem – Optional (skip OR JQ1 – will flash JVO modem instead)
Ad-Hoc – NOT SUPPORTED – Leave un-ticked
Circle battery icon – DOES NOT WORK – Leave un-ticked
Gray settings – – DOES NOT WORK – Leave un-ticked (Will be grey by default)]
Boot animation – Nexus S – DOES NOT WORK – Leave un-ticked
Samsung Social Apps – Optional
Swype – Optional
Live wallpapers – Optional
Extra fonts – Optional
3rd Party Apps – Optional


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